Phayaayara rice has its story which began with Jinhong Sahakit Company Limited was established in 2013 with a registered capital of ten million baht to carry out rice trading business and provide Thai HOM MALI RICE as the main product. Located in Nakhon Ratchasima province, the mill is in the  heart of Thung Samrit which is the HOM MALI RICE plantation with its most fragrant aroma. These are the highlights  of Thai HOM MALI RICE.

            Then, Phayaaraya path keeps continuing by starting the rice trading business. It started with the unmilled rice business and would like to inherit the rice business by establishing the rice mill. Due to our high experiences, we know how to maximize the strengths of Thai HOM MALI RICE by only selecting the greatest and high-quality unmilled rice. Ensure that our 100% would let all customers experience Thai HOM MALI RICE according to the ‘World-class quality rice for Thai consumers’ motto.

            Raise your confidence to another level by experiencing Thai HOM MALI RICE which is the only one kind of rice that must pass the purity test of rice grain by The Ministry of Commerce. All the marked Thai HOM MALI RICE will be randomly checked for contaminated percent once a year.