What is the HOM MALI RICE and why is it the world-renowned one?

April 30, 2020

            If you would like to eat rice, why choose the ordinary one? Because we would like you to experience the best quality rice, which would definitely be HOM MALI RICE, the premium grade rice guaranteed by being one of the most famous kinds of rice in the world. Let’s get to know more about it.

🌾 Hom Mali rice is produced from the grain of the varieties named Khao Dawk Mali 105.

🌾 Why higher price than others?

    • Only grown in the north eastern region
                  Due to the most suitable environment factors, such as the blackish soil condition that there is no place could have. Hence, be assured that you would experience the best quality rice from us.
    • Once a year
                  Our perfect HOM MALI RICE that everyone could guarantee the quality can be produced once a year because of the dry weather and the limited amount of water sources that it must depend on rainwater to cultivate. That is why the HOM MALI RICE could be harvested once a year.

🌾 3 Reasons why it is the world-renowned rice

    • A unique pandan fragrance
    • Its softness even eaten again
    • Long-slender making it looks delicious

            Phayaayara rice is guaranteed by The Ministry of Commerce that it is a 100% Thai HOM MALI RICE, and its quality is at the same level to those sold in foreign countries. Allowing Thai consumers to eat world-class food.