Why do ants keep floating up rice?

April 20, 2020

            Hence Phayaayara rice is too aromatic for ants to handle! Most customers’ reviews say that, it’s funny, isn’t it? What are the reasons, let’s figure out!

🌾 No chemicals
            Because we do not use a moth remedy or any chemicals in the production in order to extend the storage life of rice. That’s why the ants are brave enough to float up.

🌾 An aromatic pandan-filled
             The sweetness beyond the resistance of the famous pandan leaves causes the ants to smell and hungry. Therefore they would like to taste some HOM MALI RICE.

🌾 How to keep it safe?

    • Keep the container tightly closed.
    • Put dried peppers in the rice.
    • Chalk marks around the rice holder.
    • Hand dry the rice.
    • Put it in the fridge.
    • Use San Jia to eliminate ants.
    • Using water to base the container.