HOM MALI RICE vs Brown Rice

March 29, 2020

🐣 Did you know? The 100% real HOM MALI rice is considered rare among Thai kinds of rice. Hence rice sold on the shelves in the mall of more than a half is not 100% HOM MALI rice. So, do not hesitate to try.

🐥 The 100% HOM MALI rice, the non-mixed, non-blended rice which has a unique feature that if it is a wholegrain rice, it must have a fragrant aroma even when you unpack. Including the rice has to be aromatic when it’s being cooked. Imagine that eating the first portion, you will smell the pandan leaf and it also has a sticky and soft, not a slushy taste.

🙊 From all that you have read above, try to imagine that the rice you normally eat doesn’t have any of these qualities.  It means that you are not eating Thai HOM MALI rice. As authentic Thai HOM MALI rice rice is not exported entirely. It is still available in the market for Thais. Try once and it is guaranteed that you must fall in love and impress with its uniqueness unlike any rice in this world.

Because “Thai HOM MALI rice rice” is world-renowned rice and never loses to other rice. For this reason, there are foreigners who try to grow like us, but they would not grow the best quality rice harvested in the northeastern region of our country.

In addition, brown rice has a low water index, slow digestion, and full stomach for a long time. It is suitable for those who control weight and people with diabetes.

🐣 How to cook HOM MALI rice rice perfectly

Authentic HOM MALI rice rice has a different cooking method than hard ground rice. Because of its soft and tender appearance. So, do not put a lot of water in the water since it will affect the taste and texture of the cooked rice.

The recommended ratio is 1: 1.25. Rice: Water. You can reduce the amount of water to make rice that is crumbly or add water to make rice that is soft and tasty. Do not go too close when cooking rice because you might not resist its aromatic smell and you might be starving.