1. What is the difference between premium Payaayara HOM MALI rice and others?

         Because of these 3 main reasons that push our rice to become the best brand among HOM MALI distributors.
         The only one kind of rice must pass the rice grain purity test
         Because this type of jasmine rice must have DNA of not less than 92% jasmine rice 105, so that Thai customers can ensure that there will definitely be no adulteration of other rice varieties.
         Licensed issued by the Ministry of Commerce
         Phayaayara HOM MALI rice has received a certificate of Thai HOM MALI rice. All our beloved consumers can be confident that every bag of rice exported from us is definitely in accordance with the standard.
         The fixed standards are randomly inspected every year
         Because Phayaayara HOM MALI rice There are randomly checked contaminated percentages annually to maintain standards, so the consumers can be confident that HOM MALI rice exported from us is totally non-contaminated jasmine rice.

  1. How long can Phayaayara HOM MALI rice be stored?

         Hence our rice is guaranteed to be known as brightly colored rice which sent directly from the mill without a moth killing process , so if you keep the rice for more than 3-6 months together with other storing factors, there might be some moths. Despite the moth’s occurrence, don’t be shocked because it does not affect the nutritional rice value. Besides, it is also a symbol that buyers can trust that it is absolutely safe.

  1. What is the difference between old rice and new rice?

         “Old rice cooks a lot of water while new rice cooks less water”
Old rice is rice that has been stored for years or it was harvested more than 4-6 months, then the rice grain colour is not as white as new rice. Rice will be cooked more perfectly. The cooked rice’s grains will not stick together because there is little sap in the rice and the texture is harder than new rice.
New rice is polished rice after harvesting. The grains will therefore have a whiter color. May still have some germs attached. Cooking process might not be as perfect as the old rice. After cooking, the rice is sticky, soft, and adheres slightly. Due to the high amount of sap in rice, here comes a special fragrance.
Phayaayara HOM MALI rice is ready to meet all needs by offering the old and new rice to choose from.

  1. Is Phayaaraya rice shipped directly from farmers?

         The sustainability of Thai farmers is our ultimate goal, so Jin Hong Sahakit Co., Ltd. is located in the heart of the HOM MALI rice field. The surrounding areas are considered important areas for growing HOM MALI rice in Thailand that can be cultivated only once a year owing to the dependence of rainwater for farming.
We also buy rice paddy directly from farmers at a fair price and also higher price than in the market. For farmers who produce high quality products as an incentive to maintain the purity of the species and every paddy will be checked. Meticulously selected to ensure that every grain of Phayaaraya rice is first class quality that everyone can trust.

  1. What is Tung Samrit HOM MALI rice? Why is it famous for its aroma?

         Thung Samrit Jasmine Rice (Thounsamrit) means paddy, brown rice and white rice processed from HOM MALI rice varieties, Khao Dawk 105 which is planted in the season of the year. On the Tung Samrit area, with the salt rock supported below. Covering an area of ​​14 districts of Nakhon Ratchasima province, that causes the rice to have a natural aromatic aroma which is unique to HOM MALI rice.
Tung Samrit area is one of the important agricultural areas in the northeastern region. It is also a famous historical site which is the heroism of this place. It was also an event where Yamo led the Korat people to fight with the Wiang Chan army and won. Tung Samrit covers 14 districts, Khong District, Chakkarat District, Chaloem Phrakiat District, Chum Phuang District, Non Daeng District, Bua Lai District, Bua Yai District, Mueang Yang District, Prathai District , Phimai District, Lam Thamachai District and Huai Thalaeng District.

  1. What is the next step after you would like to export Phayaayara rice?

         Jin Hong Sahakit Co., Ltd. is an exporter of jasmine rice to expand to worldwide markets. If you are interested, you can contact for more details via email [email protected] or call 096-5166563.

  1. If you have your own brand Paya Aiyara rice, will we process the OEM?

         Jin Hong Sahakit Company Limited provides the OEM production under the customer’s brand. Our production facility is certified to GMP, HACCP and FDA. For more information, please contact us via email [email protected] or call 096-5166563.

  1. What are the rice products under the Phayaaraya brand?

         Phayaaraya brand is a rice mill manufacturer that buys paddy rice directly from farmers.
We distribute ;
Jasmine Rice, exported grade / Yi Jor / Sa Hor / 3/4 broken ​​rice mixed with germs
Specially selected white rice
San Pa Tong sticky rice
And various types of industrial rice
More details at “Products and services”

  1. Bulk orders, Sub-agent shops that would like to be distributors, contact us.

         We are very pleased to be your business partner. Phayaayara rice are looking for business partners if you are interested or have any questions, you can contact for more details via email [email protected] or call 096-5166563.

  1. How can I order online?

         Phayaayara rice products are available on online shopping platforms as the following;