What does the packaging say?

April 12, 2020

            Before Phaya Ayara’s HOM MALI rice was provided for Thai consumers on the shelves. It must go through a more careful process than others that it can indicate even its packaging. Let’s see what the packaging of Phaya Ayara tells consumers.

  • Every bag of our rice is selected from the best sources of paddy fields.
  • Produced with modern machinery under the cleanliness and safety guidelines of GMP and HACCP standards.
  • GMP is the guarantee that rice is produced in accordance with international standards.
  • HACCP is the guarantee that our rice is free from contamination. Whether biological, chemical or physical
  • The back of our product clearly shows the quality of rice that you can notice from the white and slender rice, according to the identity of 100% HOM MALI
  • Product data table is also considered to collect all the useful things such as the rice nutrition , cooking methods, recommended storage ways and the date of manufacture and expiration.

            Therefore you can be trusted that 100% HOM MALI rice of Phayaayara is full of quality that is carefully selected before sending directly to your hands.